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All Yup’ik translations provided by Alice Rearden

Quyana tailuci! (Welcome!)

We encourage youth to learn about their culture. Partnering with dedicated translators working with the Lower Kuskokwim School District, in their spare time they worked with our class and translated art projects to Yup’ik. It may appear to be a small task, but recalling the brutal and vicious history of Russians who were initially involved in the education of native Alaskans, there was a time when natives were not allowed to speak their native tongue or openly practice their religious and cultural beliefs. When they did they were severely punished and humiliated.

Today, we are happily embracing Alaskan natives rich traditions and including the brilliant culture into the classrooms. I asked students to introduce themselves as a written assignment. What they did not know at the time was that a simple introduction was going to evolve into a bigger and more brilliant art project. Will it be an e-book or laser cut?

You are witnessing the project in movement. We took student’s biographies and had them translated into their native language. A few, speak Yup’ik. For some, it was the first time, they saw and heard their narratives embodied in the soul of their people. Not to my surprise, they were deeply moved. As we continue to educate, we continue to challenge all Alaskan teachers to more inclusive to culture in the classrooms because in the heart of the delta, we are doing it!

Quyana to Alice Rearden for your relentless time and dedication to preservation of heritage. It is glorious to be in your company. Your passion for education is magnanimous!

John Stevens

Loves to hunt!

I am John Stevens. I live in a little village call Oscarville located in Alaska. I was born in at Anchorage, Alaska. I am the oldest sibling out of five. I attend Qugcuun Memorial School and I am in the 9th grade.

John Stevens-aaruunga. Nunacuarmi Kuiggayagarmi uitaaqlua Alaska-
mi. Anchorage-aami Alaska-mi yuurtellruunga. Amaqliqaatnga, tallimauluteng-llu anelgutenka. Qugcuun Memoria. Shool-ami
uitatuunga, 9 th Grade-auylua-llu.

I enjoy hunting moose, seal, geese, and duck. My dad and I normally go moose hunting early in the fall. We go upriver which is south from
Bethel. When my dad and I go seal hunting in May, we go to Kipnuk or Mertarvik, when the ice has melted. We also hunt geese near our home or to the lake when the ice is broken enough to go through.

Tuntuvagcuryunqegtua, taqukassuryunqegglua, yaqulegnek-llu. Aataka-llu tuntuvagcutuukuk uksuarmi. Asgurlunuk pissuryatuukuk
Mamterillerem ungalalirneranun. Kayangut Anutiitni aataka-llu taqukassuraqamegnuk Qipnermun ayatuukuk wall’ Mertarvigmun, ciku
uruumariaqan. Yaqulegcutulunuk-llu enemta yaaqsinrilkiini wall’unanvami ciku mamkitaqan navgurluku-llu ayagayungaaqluta.

I like to play mystery, action, crafting, and sport video games. My hobbies are playing basketball, bike riding, four-wheel riding, and snow machine riding. After I graduate from high school, I want to be an art teacher, photographer, or biologist or all three. I live in Alaska and can work for a publication documenting the landscape and culture or work for a university as a biologist.

Anglanakelaranka video game-at aquiyarat ayuqenrilnguut, mystery-t,
action-aat, sport video-game-at-llu. Angqeryunqegtua, bike-amkun-llu
ayagalqa, four wheel-akun-llu ayagalleq, snukuukun-llu ayagalleq. High school-amek taqkuma elitnauristenguyugtua pilinguaryaramek, tarenrairistengulua, wall’u biologist-aarulua, wall’ amalkuita. Alaska-mi
uitalartua caliyugngalua-llu nunaput wall’ piciryaraput imiulluku kalikanun wall’u caliaqlua university-mi biologist-aarulua.

Anna Alexie

Waqaa, Anna Alexie-iugua. Atmaulluarmiunguunga, Alaska-mi. Cetamanek angutnek anelgutengqertua cetamanek-llu arnanek. Iqvaryunqegtua, yugnikeknganka-llu paqtelaranka ellami ayagaaqluta-llu ayagassuutetgun anglaniluta. Guitar-aryunqegtua atualua-llu. Angqeryunqegtua-llu volleyball- aryunqegglua-llu. Allrakunka maa-i akimiaq malruuguk. Aanaka Olinka-auguq aataka-llu Henry-iuluni. Yuarun assikekngaqaimuuguq, “Don’t let me cross over.” Agayussuutet yuarutet assikanka niicugnillrat. Yugtun kiingan qantuut ilanka. Kass’atun taringessiyaayuitua kiingan Yugtun qantulua anglillruama.

Rayanna Pavilla


I was born in Bethel, Alaska and raised in Atmautluak, Alaska. I love the outdoors. That includes berry picking, hunting, fishing, ice fishing, egg hunt and camping out. I also like to stay home and do chores. That includes cleaning, mopping, dishes, and putting away subsistence food. My favorite activities are volleyball, basketball, and Eskimo dancing.

Waqaa. Wiinga Cangarraq Pavilla-augua. Atmaulluarmiunguunga. Yuurtellrunga Mamterillermi taugaam Atmaulluarmi uitatuunga. Yuilqumun ayagyunqegtua. Iqvarlua, pissurlua, kuvyirlua, manarlua, cali-llu qavartarlua. Cali enemi uitayunqegglua cavvliurlua, suugilua, erurarkat piluki, cali-llu neqkat caliaqluki qemaggluki-llu. Elitnaurvigmi anglaniyarat assikanka, angqaq cali-llu yuraq.

Ella cakneq assikaqa nunaniqlaan cakneq tegganret-llu qanraqluteng, “Nuna iinruqaput.”  Ilumuuluni-llu.  Qavartaralleq anglanarquq tua-i-wa anglillruama qavartaryaraqluta ilakellriani yugnikellriani-llu.  Nutegyaramek elicungcallruagnga aatama anelgutma-llu angutet.  Maa-i-rpak-llu tuntuvagtellrulua 30-06-aqa aturluku aatama cikiutii wangnun.   

I love the outdoors, because it’s so beautiful and elder say that “tundra is our medicine” and yes, it is. Camping is much a fun thing to go, because I grew up going camping with families and friends. My father and brothers taught me how to shoot a gun. And this year I caught a moose with my 30-06 what my dad bought me. I really love being out because it’s by favorite.

I also love subsistence. My Grandma and my mother taught me how to cut salmon, pike, and white fish. We have to prepare for winter so we don’t need to starve. I’m so happy. I love subsistence. I really do.  I also, love to set net. The net is for to catch fish so my family and I can cut them and also we have to set the net in the water. My father taught me everything, I’m so proud of myself.

Nerangnaqsaraq-llu arcaqakaqa.  Maurluama aanama-llu elicungcallruanga neqnek ulligciyaramek, cali-llu luquuyagnek, akakiignek-llu, uksumi pingqellerkaput pitekluku, kaigngaitniartukut.  Quyapialartua nerangnaqaqama.  Cakneq quyalartua.  Cali-llu kuvyiryunqegtua neqnek unangellerkaput pitekluku, tua-i-w’ ilanka-llu neqlilaamta.  Cali-llu kuvyaalquta uksuq pitekluku.  Aatama canek tamalkuitnek elicungcallruanga, taumek quyalalrianga nallunrilkengamnek.

I love boat rides. It’s so nice while it’s so beautiful out because the sun. I love to go with my family and friend. I also, like to travel with boat.

Angyakun ayagayunqegtua.  Nunanirquq cakneq akerciraqan.  Ayagayunqegtua ilanka yugnikeknganka-llu ilakluki.  Cali-llu ayagayunqegtua angyakun.

Biography Unedited

Tiffany Joe

My name is Tiffany Joe and I live in Nightmute, Alaska. I am 18 years old and am in the 12th grade. I am most passionate about Yuraq, a type of Alaskan Dance that is performed in my community. I am both a dancer and singer. I have been performing since I was 5 years old.

Tiffany Joe-ruunga, Negtemiuni-llu uitaalqua. Maa-i allrakunka akimiaq pingayuugut, 12 th grade-aulua-llu. Yuraryunqepiartua. Yuratuut
nunamteni. Yurartenguunga aturtengulua-llu. Tallimanek allrakungqerranemnek yuralartua.

I consider myself an outdoors person. I enjoy hunting, fishing and berry picking. In Alaska, during the spring, we spend time doing subsistence. This means that our family goes out hunting moose.

Ellamecunqegtua. Pissuryunqegtua, neqsuryunqegtua, iqvaryunqegglua-llu. Alaska-mi up’nerkami nerangnaqtuukut. Ilanka-llu
ilakluta pissutuukut tuntuvagnek.

Another thing I am most passionate about is make-up. I got good at it and I love doing different styles. I enjoy reading at home, playing basketball at the court, volleyball, watching movies and traveling with
my family to the surrounding villages or places I have never been.

Kegginaqa-llu makeup-aanek mingugyunqeggaqa, anglanakluku.
Elisngarillruunga ayuqenrilngurnek-llu mingugaqluku kegginaqa.
Naaqiyunqegtua enemi, aquvigmi-llu ellami angqeryunqegglua, volleyball-
aryunqegglua, suuryunqegglua-llu, ayagayunqegglua-llu ilanka malikluki
allanun nunanun wall’ allanun ayaksailkengamnun nunanun.

I am shy, nice, caring, and honest. I like being outdoors, reading, scary movies, and traveling. I love playing basketball and volleyball. I
hate staying indoors because there’s nothing interesting about just sitting around besides when I’m reading. I hate not getting things done or getting so many things to do because I am given that at home or during summer when I’m doing subsistence. Being able to be myself is the best thing I can do because I can’t be someone else even if I wanted to.

Takartartua, ilaliunqegglua, naklegtarlua, piciulrianek-llu qanraqlua. Ellamecunqegtua, naaqiynqegtua, alingnarqellrianek suunek
tangvagyunqegglua, ayagayunqegglua-llu. Anglakpiarqa angqalleq volleyball-alleq-llu. Enemetaullerkaqa assikenritaqa, tua-i-w’ uitauralleq assikenrilamku, anglanailan, taugaam kiingan naaqiaqama anglanaklarqa.
Caarkanka qaqitenritlerkait assikenritaqa, wall’u amlleraqata assikenritaqa enemi wall’ nerangnaqaqama kiagmi. Wang’ullerkaq wangni arcaqanqurrauguq, wangni tua-i-w’ allaungailama piyungerma,

COOL kids. Cool ART!


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